Our Candles

All our candles are made with a high quality soy wax, it’s a beautiful creamy and soft consistency. It is a softer wax than paraffin wax meaning in hotter conditions the candles will melt on their own, however, they do have a lower melting point meaning it will melt at a slower pace allowing you to enjoy it that little bit longer, our tests show that our candles perform up to 40 hours of burn time. 

Our decision to use soy wax was simple to keep the products wax nice and natural whilst keeping it vegan so that everyone can enjoy our delightful candles. Due to soy being a 100% natural, renewable resource it makes it an easy clean up and throw away as it’s biodegradable. Our fragrance oils we use along with our wax to make our scented candles are vegan, cruelty free and paraben free meaning those harmful chemicals are left out of our candles letting you enjoy your scented candle peacefully. 

Our wicks are what make our candles really pop, the rosewood centre piece that bring our candles to life. The wicks flame dance majestically in the crackle of the mini fireplace giving it that extra bit of character to help you enjoy the candle more. The wicks also can diffuse up to 35% more fragrance into a room shown in tests between cotton and wooden wicks. The wooden wicks are more sustainable as a singular rosewood tree can produce thousands of wicks. We also found wooden wicks produce less soot than conventional wicks which means there’s no nasty black rim on the glass making it look that little bit cleaner.