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Our Wisdom scent of Freesia, Ginger, Vanilla Sugar & Cinnamon gives a slightly more masculine fragrance, this rich scent gives the feeling of an old library with dusty books, old pages and creaking floors.

Our sleek black candles contain three mystery ethical crystals at the bottom of each vessel. 

Top Notes - Freesia, Grated Ginger, Vanilla Sugar

Middle Notes - Cinnamon, Honey, Incense

Base Notes - White Patchouli, light Amber, Cashmere, Tobacco Leaf

Net Weight - 220g

Packaging and Recycling

We try to keep our packaging recyclable and eco friendly as possible. We know our glass candles cant be refilled due to the integrity of the glass, however they can be used as tea light holder or spice jars.

  • Remove outer labels by peeling them off, the adhesive is all natural so can put in the waste.
  • Rinse the glass vessel in warm water to remove residue soy wax, if their is some left over it can be used in a was burner so you can enjoy every single part of the candle.
Delivery and Returns

We hope you are happy with your purchase, but we understand scent is a personal preference and may not like, you can return any item within 30 days of receipt, provided the products are returned complete, in perfect condition, unused, and with their original packaging.

If item is broken upon arrival we will automatically replace. We also have found our wooden wicks can be temperamental so occasionally just won't work, if this happens please email us.

For any information please contact us,